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Primed as one of the city’s highest priorities, Ariel’s educational system is considered today to be one of the best in all of Israel. Ariel incorporates not only day-care, pre-schools, 4 elementary schools, 3 junior highs, and a comprehensive high school, but also the renowned Ariel University. There is an appropriate educational framework for each child, from 3 months of age through university.

Ariel University

The Ariel University is one of the fastest-growing academic institutions in the country. Student enrollment of over 10,000 represents the full spectrum of Israeli society: Jew & Arab, secular & observant, new immigrant & veteran Israeli.


The University offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs, as well as preparatory studies for demobilized soldiers and vocational training. The University also makes its facilities available to hundreds of Ariel schoolchildren in specialized programs in science and technology.

 Students come from across the country to attend Ariel University, with 70% of the students coming from the greater Tel Aviv area and central Israel, and the remainder from northern and southern Israel. As such, the school is a truly national institution and serves as a “melting pot” for all levels of Israeli society.

A demonstratively Zionist institution, the University has two key requirements: every student must study one course per semester on some aspect of Judaism, Jewish heritage or Land of Israel studies, and the Israeli flag must be displayed in every classroom, laboratory and auditorium on campus.

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