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South of the city's urban area is a large nature reserve that includes the ruins of a 3,000 year old ancient Jewish city which was discovered by chance during work for the security fence that surrounds Ariel.

Besides this archaeological site, two stalactite caves were discovered in city of Ariel boundaries, one located in the center of town and the other in the Ariel Industrial area.
In the entrance to the city stands the Eshel Hashomron Hotel, the only hotel in Sameria.  Built around a luxurious pool, surrounded by sparkling waterfalls, the 100-room hotel attracts both Israeli and foreign tourists visiting the Area.

The Tombs of Joshua and Caleb (two of the twelve spies who entered the Land of Israel on the instructions of Moses), can be found at the nearby village of Cif-el-Hares.  Four times a year, the IDF secures the Arab village to Jewish visitors so that they may pay their respects at the graves of these Biblical figures