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Due to its prime location, Ariel’s residents enjoy the flexibility of easy access to many employment centers. Situated in close proximity to a point where two of the country’s major thoroughfares intersect, nothing is really very far away. An hour's drive to Jerusalem and 35 minutes to Tel Aviv, Ariel is a perfect dormitory community for other locations in the center, such as Herzliya, Petach Tikva and Rosh Ha'ayin. There is an advanced industrial center in Ariel, with over 120 plants and factories providing employment for thousands. A frequent and reliable bus service running to all the above-mentioned areas is available as well as receiving a 50-65% discount on public transportation to the Tel Aviv area.

In any discussion with regards to employment in Ariel, the University Center must be mentioned. With over 10,000 students, many undergraduate programs and a variety of academic and research departments, there is always a need for quality academics and professionals that may find their place within the Center. Additionally, Ariel maintains a first-class hotel with many local tourist attractions and thriving municipal, educational and commercial services, that are growing, and in need of quality personnel