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Primed as one of the city’s highest priorities, Ariel’s educational system reflects that focus, and is today considered one of the most prestigious in Israel. Ariel incorporates not only day-care, pre-schools, 4 elementary schools, 3 junior highs, and a comprehensive high school, but the renowned Ariel University as well. For families looking for a religious education, the State Religious Elementary School (Mamad) is interested, together with the municipality, in meeting the growing demands of observant residents, and offering them educational solutions to fit their needs. Religious families with older children can find various educational options for middle school, yeshivot and ulpanot in the surrounding areas.
The Ariel University, one of the fastest growing academic institutions in the country, offers Bachelor Degrees in many fields, including: architecture, physiotherapy, civil engineering, chemistry, electronics, biology, physics, sociology and management, to name just a few, as well as MA Degree programs.