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Religious Life

Presently there are over thirteen synagogues in Ariel, three mikvaot, a number of local shiurim, a Hesder Yeshiva, two Kollels and a Bnei Akiva youth group.

In 2005 the city benefited from an influx of families from the religious community of Netzarim (formerly of Gush Katif) and their community Rabbi, since an additional group of young religious families have arrived to integrate into the Ariel community, and to add Torani support. With this serving as a viable base, Ariel is now opening its arms to attract and welcome religious communities, individuals and families. Ariel offers opportunities that include a connection and involvement within the community.

Representing the wide range of Israeli society and a full expression of the concept of “achdut” (unity), one of Ariel’s strongest selling points is the heterogeneous nature of the community, based on mutual respect.

The key word here is integration, offering the English speaking oleh the opportunity to build a community within a community, a chance to enjoy the benefits of a city, and the idealism of being part of its growth. The city also has its own English speaking Rabbi at the Ohel Ephraim Shul, a warm close-knit community, happy to welcome in new families. Being the original Ashkenazi Shul in Ariel, Ohel Ephraim has a unique mix of old and young, Sabras and Olim, religious and traditional, families and singles.