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The religious communities of Ariel

The city of Ariel has been blessed with a diverse population, and is a paradigm of Jewish unity where Olim find themselves integrating very quickly with the Israeli residents of the town

Ohel Ephraim

Is a warm close-knit community with a young dynamic English-speaking Rabbi happy to welcome in new families.
Being the original Ashkenazi Suhl in Ariel, Ohel Ephraim has a unique mix of old and young, Sabras and Olim, religious and traditional, families and singles. The shul offers weekly shiurim in English and Hebrew, children's activities and a toy corner. Situated in the heart of Rova Aleph this community has all of your essential services within close proximity and the housing is well-suited to young, growing families.

You can find your place in Ohel Ephraim!

Shvut Ariel

Over the last several years the fast growing demographic in Ariel is young observant families.
The families ranging in ages from 20's to 40's, have developed a community successful in furthering projects for integration amongst Jews, Jewish identity and Chesed


Ariel's newest neighborhood located close to the university center, it has a large population of students renting in the area.  The neighborhood has grown in the past couple of years and the apartments are built by the new building standards and allow a more open space feeling compared to the original neighborhoods


 Ariel was the only city in Israel to open its doors to the gush Katif evacuees.  Twenty five families from Netzarim built their community in Ariel. Since then the community has grown and their Hesder Yeshiva has arrived and joined the colel

The English speaking community has integrated into the local community and olim live in each and every neighborhood. Some orthodox, others traditional and some secular, everyone gets a chance to meet and mingle at the different activities put together especially for the communal aliyah program