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The Ariel Development Fund

Ariel Development Fund (ADF) was established in 1987 as a registered nonprofit in Israel. The mission of ADF is to enhance the quality of life for Ariel’s residents through:
Educating and providing information about the City of Ariel to foreign press, visitors from abroad, and the general public, both through tours and educational materials.
Developing resources towards the renewal and maintenance of the City of Ariel's humanitarian projects in the fields of education, social welfare, immigrant absorption, culture, health and religion.
Establishing relationships and partnerships with a domestic and international cadre of supporters of the City of Ariel.
ADF has become a leading force for the City of Ariel and its friends around the globe who understand that individuals living and engaged with the city are the heart and soul of its future.

ADF activities have enabled the City of Ariel to provide its residents with vital programs, services, and facilities, including Ariel University, the Ariel Regional Center for Performing Arts, the Ariel National Leadership Development Center, a community center and municipal library, a sports and recreation complex, a variety of programs for at-risk youth, senior services, and emergency rescue and medical services, among others.

Funds raised by ADF have provided temporary housing and social welfare programs for Russian immigrants who have chosen to rebuild their lives in Ariel. In addition, ADF has funded parks and playgrounds in Ariel, medical equipment for the city’s clinics, pre-school equipment, student scholarships, Torah scrolls and furnishings for Ariel synagogues, assistance for needy families, and much more.

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Phone: (972) 3-936-4406
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