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Leisure and Sports

Being a healthy life style city, Sports and Leisure have always been a top priority of city.
The city has five sports halls, outdoor courts, fitness facilities, two Petanque pitches and a standard soccer field.
Ariel has soccer, basketball and volleyball teams as well as one of the country’s best gymnastics teams, a shooting team and dance groups. 
The community center has a music school – hundreds of children and teenagers learn to play a variety of instruments, dancing and voice development, as well as singing in choirs. The center holds activities in many fields for children, teenagers and adults.The city has two groups engaging in drama, singing and dancing.
As part of the city's role as capital of Samaria it has made an effort to offer services not only to its local residents but also on a  regional level to residents of the whole Samaria.

As part of this role the city has led three major projects for the well being of the residents of the city and the area.