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Industry and Commerce

On Ariel's western border stands a large, modern industrial area with over 120 diversified industries. An additional industrial park, "Ariel West" is currently being developed on 200 acres of land. This new park will house 60 plants and factories and provide employment for hundreds of residents of Ariel and the region.

At Ariel's eastern limits, adjacent to the Ariel University, is a center for technological initiatives. This R&D incubator specializes in such fields as biotechnology, medicine, electronics and biochemistry. It currently houses some 30 projects in various stages of research and development. 

Ariel west industrial area

The Ariel west industrial area is the biggest and most recent industrial area built in the Shomron region and spreads over 850 Square Kilometers. Offering Factories large areas for building for half the price

The Economic Company of Ariel was established in 1989 and is responsible for the development, management and marketing of the Industrial area.

As of today there are more than 40 factories and business operating in the park in a Variety of spheres such as Food, Textile , steel and aluminum , print and more.

The park is located at the east end of rout 5, about 15 minutes from Kesem junction and Highway 6 which connects the industrial area with the center of Israel.

The Economic Company of Ariel offers: Financial incentives such as low taxes and governmental assistance are available to companies and factories located in the park.