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Aliyah to Ariel

Polina Vasilev
Alia  coordinator, municipality of Ariel
mobile - 972-53-8232901
fax - 972-3-9061621
email -

Полина Васильев – координатор абсорбции и общественных проектов
Тел. 972-53-8232901
телефакс - 972-3-9061621
email -

Ariel a well planned community providing comfortable, affordable housing, a high standard of education and all the amenities of a large city. In addition, its central location is attractive to those seeking work in Israel's commercial center. One can therefore understand why it has become such an attraction for families planning their aliyah, as well as many families already living in Israel.


 Population and Community

Ariel is a microcosm of the Israeli society. Home to 20,000 residents and another 10,000 students, the city's population includes residents from all walks of life. The city has a diverse population: Israelis alongside new immigrants, young families together with pensioners, religious and secular - all find their place in Ariel. There is a keen sense of interaction and harmony, in the many different neighborhoods that make up the city. Since 2007 the English speaking community of Ariel has, and still is, growing rapidly. This new young community, a mixture of new and more veteran olim, has made it their goal to be an active part in the city's life.